Alessandro Costantino Bianchi was born in 1993 and began studying piano at the age of 6 with his father.

He received the diploma with full marks at the conservatory “O.Respighi” of Latina and " Master of piano Music performance" at the Italian Swiss Conservatory in Lugano with M° Sandro D'onofrio.

Alessandro took part to annual mastercourse with M° Roberto Prosseda, Alessandra Ammara, Maurizio Baglini and masterclass with M° Alessandra Brustia , Marco Marzocchi, Bruno Canino, Alessandro Deljavan, Carlo Grante.

Alessandro has performed at major festival and venues including "Teatro Cafaro" and "Teatro D'annunzio" of Latina as a solist with Junior Orchestra of Latina and chamber music, Palazzo Caetani for the Fondi Music Festival with Orchestra conduct by M° Gabriele Pezone (Haydn D major piano concert) and Grigor Palikarov(Beethoven op.15 C major piano concert), "Castello Caetani" of Sermoneta for the International Festival Pontino, Fazioli pianoforti at Milano Malpensa, Festival of Chamber music in Lugano.

He played and recorded for the national radio of Plovdif in Bulgaria for the "Trimontiada" festival.


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